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This communication is from Pruck. Pruck is not a limited liability partnership and is neither authorised by, nor registered with, any departmental authorities or jobs-for-the-boys official bureaucracies. Any relationship to the recently insolvent Pruck Market Trading Enterprises is entirely coincidental. We have no connection to them whatever. Absolutely none. So stop sending those final demands, ok?

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Reading this message implies that you indemnify us against everything, just in case.

Electronic communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error free, as information could be intercepted, confused, poorly worded, corrupted, amended, lost, destroyed, arrive late, or contain viruses or amusing pictures of animals dressed up in orange peel hats. Such messages or notices may be filled with spurious legalistic repetition, synonyms and tautology. We do not accept liability for any such matters or their consequences or for having failed to write an exhaustive list of the ways that stuff can be interfered with on The Internet. If in doubt, please make several copies of your communication on paper and send them via the mail in different packages. Even then your message may not get to us. Or we might just pretend it didn’t. Anyway, anyone who communicates with us by eg Email is taken to accept the risks in doing so (thrill seeker).

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When visiting our Internet Web Site, your Internet Web Site browser screen thing may produce “pop-up” advertisements. These advertisements make us money, but we don’t approve of them and don’t know how they got there (eg that one about the enhancement device). Pruck urges you to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to your personal questions (especially that one about the resulting rash).

This electronical communication is almost certainly monitored by the U.S. Government and is protected by various provisions of Title 64/3 of the U.S. Code. Violations of Title 18.2232.001 are subject to criminal prosecution in a federal court. Pursuant to any required legal process, information from these sources may be used to help identify individual readers and have them terminalised.

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