Pi time

0:00 Midnight and I’m still not asleep. The LED’s blink back at me across the bedroom as I iterate my mental checklist of things-that-urgently-need-to-be-stewed-upon.

0:07 I begin an alphabetic list of favourite films, beginning with ‘Bond’ but only get as far as the ‘Big Sleep’.

0:22 Think I’ll have get up and write some of this down as a to-do list -or simply shoot myself.

0:42 That’s not the answer to everything.

1:01 Wakefulness isn’t the worst possible way to spend the night.

1:23 Last resort, counting sheep.

2:47 I’m now officially insomniac, all the time.

3:03 A tool with a worker at either end.

3:14 PI time. Maybe transcendental meditation would limit this relentless search for patterns.

4:04 Unconsciousness? Still not found.

5:01 I might as well get up and get dressed.