18th April 2010


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Just like a real, grown-up professional organisation (with nothing better to do) we have devised this disclaimer to support our policy of risk avoidance, buck passing and lawyer enrichment. It is supplied free in every one of our internal and …

No smoke without fire

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Being in the spotlight of accusation is not a state that anybody relishes. There’s always some suspicion of guilt, even in the mind of the genuinely innocent. It occurred to me that I’ve been accused of many things -and I’ve …

General Interest section

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I really only ever get to look closely at magazines on three types of occasion (That’s not counting a free, furtive flickthrough on railway station platforms during the odd eon between trains).

The first is at Christmas when I splash out …


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I found myself on a bus one day and was eavesdropping on the conversation of two young boys earnestly discussing their social lives…

Boy 1: “What do you belong to?”

Boy 2: “I’m in the UDA Junior Red-Hand Commando Association, the Boys …

The thought that counts

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Some mustn’t-have suggestions for things not to buy me this, or any, Christmas.

A Camelbak rucksac (sic): a bag so small that it can only hold 250ml of osmotic potential high-energy sports drink. My advice is to fill it with warm …

In defence of Leylandii

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I’ve lived next door to some very odd specimens of homo sapiens.

There was the man who had apparently been shellshocked in the war. Cialis Soft Tabs are taken under the tongue as needed 15min before sexual activity. BuyCheap Cialis Pharmacy …


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On his way back from the appointment, he looked out of the rain-streaked tubetrain window at a giant airliner taking off from a runway beside the track. It appeared hardly to be moving; to just hang there. Knowing all about …

World’s worst hangovers

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Macbeth (Act 2 scene 3):

Macduff: What three things does drink especially promote?
Porter: Marry sir, nose-painting, sleep, and urine.

The three most terrible hangovers of all time all happened to me. It’s not like they just happened of course, I had something …

Books that changed my life

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Before Miss Ritchie’s P1 class in 1965, I could read individual words like ‘bus’ and thought myself clever for being able to distinguish between god and dog (actually p,q,b,9,d,g can still get me confused, 90b help me). I was then …


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It’s 1:30pm on a Friday in 1972. I’m wearing a maroon and black segmented school cap which doesn’t even come close to fitting my 12-year old head (It wouldn’t have fitted my 6 year-old head but I’m learning that uniform …

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